The Better Zoom Alternative for Going Live with Your Business

Zoom has grown tremendously since Covid-19, but is it the optimal solution for your video business?
The Better Zoom Alternative for Going Live with Your Business

COVID-19 and its lingering effects have drastically changed how both people and businesses communicate. With in-person meetings minimized, digital conferencing rose to unforeseen new heights. What’s more, countless people in various industries are pushing for digital conferencing to stay as a valid form to in-person meetings.

A frontrunner of the various digital communication platforms was Zoom, which was used nearly unanimously all across the world.

As an online conferencing platform, Zoom has enough features to scratch the itch.

It provides an easy way for people separated by distance to cheaply communicate. It’s simple to use and relatively painless to sign up for.

Seems like the perfect option for going live with your business, right?


Zoom might be good for a quick fix but it lacks the depth and full range of capabilities necessary to truly build your business.  

At first glance, what Zoom offers can seem enticing. But what you save in money can cost you more down the road. It’s far better to use an alternative to Zoom, such as Streampal, in order to prioritize your company’s security and allow your business to comfortably develop.

So let’s take a deeper look at the differences between Zoom and Streampal —and just exactly why Streampal proves to be the superior choice.

Zoom vs Streampal: Which Offers More?

While both Zoom and Streampal seem to offer similar services at first glance, the reality is vastly different.

That’s because Streampal is a video-selling platform while Zoom is only a video conferencing tool. Both platforms allow you to directly connect with your audience —but only one platform lets you earn money while you do so.

In short:

  • Streampal is aboutmonetizing your content
  • Zoom is aboutcreating connections through video chat

If you’re running a business, don't’ devalue your content and give access to your videos for free —monetize your content in order to earn revenue and showcase the worth of your products.

There are countless VOD and streaming platforms that allow you to monetize your videos. And sadly, Zoom is not one of them. However, Zoom does offer some benefits and advantages to users.

We’ll break down the differences between Zoom and Streampal so that you can see for yourself why a Zoom alternative has so much more to offer your company.

All About Zoom:

Zoom focuses on allowing video conferencing to take the place of in-person meetings. Users can connect with a host and (barring any internet connectivity issues) communicate with their coworkers or friends.

Zoom is an ideal platform for hosting webinars, improving communication for remote workers, and holding meetings for international companies. The impact of COVID 19 increased the number of personal calls taken on Zoom, but overall, the platform’s focus is on business communication.

While popular during the height of the pandemic, personal usage of Zoom will decrease as more and more countries loosen restrictions and deliver vaccines.

This drop-off of usage is projected to increase Zoom’s pricing plan, as it once again means that Zoom’s focus will be primarily on business-related functions.

Which is not good for you or your business.

Overall, while Zoom offers some useful tools and functions for business communication, it is not equipped to deal with video monetization.

And if you’re not monetizing your content, you’re missing out on essential forms of revenue for your brand.

Which brings us to our Zoom alternative, Streampal.

All About Streampal

Unlike Zoom, Streampal is all about monetizing your content. It’s easy to earn income from your videos through live streams, subscriptions, one-time events, and a whole other range of possibilities.

Streampal’s main focus is on offering a platform for you to professionally stream your content and easily generate money. All of Streampal’s various features and tools are centered around helping you build your brand and expand your business.

Streampal’s not just focused on business-communication; in fact, a wide range of different brands and industries use Streampal in order to successfully run their business. This includes businesses such as:

  • Online learning
  • Fitness experts
  • Art instructors
  • Entertainers and commentators
  • And more!

In fact, we’ve already helped plenty of brands grow both their audience numbers and their profits.

While Zoom can allow you to host videos for your brand, it’s not dedicated to assisting your business’s sustained development. Comparatively, Streampal actively offers the resources and structure to easily go live —and most importantly, earn money from doing so.

If you’re looking to:

  • Make your workload easier
  • Use a professional video streaming platform
  • Earn money fromy our content
  • Get data and analytic feedback from your audience
  • Publish high-quality videos

Then Streampal is the perfect choice for you!

Dont Get Us Wrong…

It’s not that there’s anything inherently wrong with Zoom.

In fact, Zoom is a great platform to use for large conferences and companies. It has a huge number of benefits and advantages on the platform as well and can make it simple for employees to communicate.

However, it’s simply not designed for video monetization.

VOD businesses —as well as a variety of other companies looking to increase their income by monetizing video— require a platform that is perfectly suited to their unique needs and able to help sustain their success.

Zoom is not the platform to do so.

That’s why it is essential for all businesses looking to expand their company to the online market need a platform suited to their needs.

And If You Dont Believe Us Yet…

Here is a list of five great reasons why Streampal is simply a far more useful platform for businesses to use.

While Zoom is beloved for its affordable price and accessibility, the disadvantages far outweigh the benefits for going live with your business. There’s also not a lot of room for Zoom to grow in terms of supporting large numbers of users in a single chatroom or monetizing content.

As the world slowly returns to a pre-COVID lifestyle, the relevance of Zoom will diminish.

In fact, Zoom already is no longer the best performing work from home stock option, casting doubt on the company’s ability to last long into the future.

Stay up to date on trends and user preference by investing in a video platform that allows for a range of streaming options, such as live, on-demand, and more.

That’s why Streampal offers all of the resources any business would need in order to succeed on an online platform.

Still not convinced?

Then let’s take a closer look into all of the advantages that Streampal offers over Zoom.


Unfortunately, time and time again Zoom has proven to be susceptible to hackers and data leaks. In fact, it’s an issue that the company has seemingly acknowledged but not prioritized as an issue to fix.

It’s not a smart business to risk you and your customer’s personal information just to save some money.

Streampal offers secure servers that help ensure all of your data is kept safe at all times. After all, security is one aspect of your business strategy you should never skimp out on.

Aside from data leaks, Zoom also suffers from unwanted disturbances. Known as Zoombombing,  uninvited visitors join your calls and disrupt the flow of your meetings, which can be both a huge distraction and give your brand an unprofessional appearance.

Don’t risk it —instead, join a streaming platform that puts online safety first at all times!


Zoom offers a bland platform option that offers no ability for customization. When conducting online meetings or streaming video content, this lack of style can be unappealing to customers and detract from your positive brand image.

Every visible aspect of your company should be cohesive —from your landing page to social media posts—- especially your platform.

Luckily, Streampal offers a full range of resources and tools that allow you to completely customize your streaming platform to perfectly suit your business.

Highlight unique aspects of your brand and make it simple for viewers to interact with your page with Streampal. Take creative control into your own hands by designing the aesthetic and style of your entire platform.

In addition, Streampal also offers a number of easy-to-use tools specific to streaming —something that Zoom currently does not even offer. We’ll talk more about these later on, but they’re great features that can help your business stand out from your competitors.

Especially if those competitors are using Zoom.

High-Quality Streaming

Don’t look for a simple fix for your streaming needs —instead, invest in a high-quality streaming platform such as Streampal.

Using Zoom might be appealing due to its familiar formatting and low prices, but as it is for most things in life, you get what you pay for. Zoom’s pricing plans are no compromise for the benefits offered by Streampal.

Streampal allows your video to be streamed in the highest possible quality, which therefore allows your customers to easily access your content.

There’s nothing more frustrating for a paying customer than to get a pop-up notification that their connection has been interrupted.

Unfortunately, Zoom does not have the capacity to support large numbers of viewers on their platform, which can severely limit the growth of your brand.

Instead, Streampal makes it easy to get your content to all of your customers and show off your content in the most professional manner possible.

Unique Tools

While Zoom offers only a limited selection of tools to use during live streams, Streampal has a handful of highly beneficial resources for users to utilize.

Transform your live stream into an interactive platform that can build powerful connections with your viewers.

With Streampal, you can stream to a variety of different devices, including desktop and mobile. It’s easier than ever for your customers to access your videos.

It’s also possible to turn your live stream into pre-recorded content that can be accessed and viewed at a later date. That way, if one of your loyal viewers can’t make it to a live stream, they can still catch up with your latest content.

Streampal also has comprehensive, easy-to-understand marketing tools that help you develop accurate marketing campaigns using your customer's data. Last time we checked, Zoom had absolutely nothing to offer in terms of promotional support.

Streampal also makes it easy to develop a mobile app for your content.

If apps aren’t anywhere on your radar currently, they should be —that’s because mobile device usage is steadily increasing, making mobile apps nearly essential for any business.

Mobile apps make it easier than ever for your customers to access your content —and after all, a happy customer is a paying customer.

Zoom might be alright for a quick fix, but it is nowhere near a long-term solution. Pick the platform that has enough resources for your company —both in the present and the future.

Video Monetization

Video monetization is the single biggest feature that separates Streampal from Zoom. After all, as a business, there is nothing more important than earning revenue.

Zoom currently hardly offers any features that help brands monetize their videos or earn income from their content. As far as business strategies go, it should seem like a no-brainer that you receive compensation for your effort and talent.

Their only option is to allow content creators to charge a single access fee for a live stream. And of course, while recording a live stream is a possibility on Zoom, the video quality is extremely low.

And, even if you use Zoom to record the video, you’ll need to upload the recording on an alternate platform in order to monetize it.

Why waste all of your time and effort streaming your video only to earn almost nothing from your work?

Instead, use Streampal to record, upload, and monetize all of your content.

Streampal offers multiple different payment models for businesses to use in order to suit the interests of their customers.

Offer one-time access to content, charge for monthly subscriptions, or let live-streamed videos be available for download at a later date (for a fee, of course).

Then, sit back and watch as your content drives up your brand’s revenue!


If you have any plans, at all, for video monetization for your business, then Zoom simply does not have the capacity to support you.

That’s it.

While Zoom as a platform might offer your business an easy solution for connecting with customers and clients, it’s not a long-term fix. Instead, it’s far better to use an alternative such as Streampal to earn money from your content.

The more you compare the two options, the easier it is to see that Streampal is a solution that is both profitable and highly sustainable.

Both of which your business needs in order to grow and remain successful.

If you value your company's growth and continued development, then forget Zoom —and join Streampal instead!

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