Your Guide to Video Content Management System (CMS) and How To Pick the Best One for Your Business

A video content management system (CMS) is crucial to manage and deliver video to your audience. Here you will learn more about what video CMS is and the best alternatives for your business.
Your Guide to Video Content Management System (CMS) and How To Pick the Best One for Your Business

In a world of tablets, cellphones, and endless streaming devices, it’s more important than ever for businesses to create engaging and well-informed content to reach their audiences.

One of the singularly most successful forms of communication and connection is video; while words and images might leave an impact on viewers, video is unlike any other content in how effectively attention-grabbing it is —especially for brands and businesses.

In fact, the average time spent per day consuming digital video content and streaming continues to rise steadily every year.


What’s more, roughly 5 billion YouTube videos are watched every single day. That’s a lot of content. And it adds up, especially if your brand is able to monetize video content.

Predictions even estimate that video will make up around 80% of internet traffic, showcasing how powerful the medium is and proving that it’s here to stay.

It’s clear that in order to maintain a successful business in the digital age, the organization and monetization of video are essential. However, due to the sheer amount of video content available —plus the amount that a brand needs to consistently generate in order to remain relevant to audiences— keeping track of video information can be downright challenging.

And that’s where video content management services come in.

CMS video streaming platforms make it easy to manage both the big and small details of managing video content, including hosting, streaming, playback, and more!

Learn all about the basics of video CMS, why it is undeniably relevant for your brand, and how to select the best of the best video CMS providers to help propel your business to even greater success!

What Is Video CMS?

To put it simply, video content management services —or video CMS, for short— is a system that simplifies the hosting and storage process for video content. It is intended only for video usage and generally includes a diverse range of features that makes sifting through data and publishing content easier than ever.

Video content is stored on a huge database that makes searching easy. By organizing content in categories, keywords, titles, and a number of other criteria, it’s simple to pull up the exact video you need. With over 232 million people watching video online, having an effective way to store and access your brand’s videos is essential in order to capitalize on the trend.

Source: Millenial Studios

It also makes it easier to get your content out directly to your audience. Storing it all one in a comprehensive database simplifies the distribution process. No more hunting down USBs or external hard drives to find previously recorded content. With a video CMS system, hosting and publishing both live and on-demand content is stress-free.

Why Video CMS is Effective:

CMS video streaming is effective due to the increased efficiency of managing and accessing a large amount of video content. The exact tools and features used in a CMS platform vary by provider. That being said, there are a handful of key features that all professional video CMS services offer. When considering what CMS video streaming platform to partner with, be sure that the platform provides all of the essential necessities your brand requires.

Some of the basics include:

- Bulk uploading tools

- Cloud transcoding

- Privacy & security

- Video organization

- Video monetization

…plus a range of other must-haves. If you’re interested in taking a more in-depth look at these other topics, such as video monetization or security, you can read more about them here. Not all CMS video streaming companies offer the same features in their package, so careful research into each company is highly recommended.

Essentially, by partnering with the right video CMS provider, such as Streampal, you can elevate your brand to new heights.

Still not convinced about what video CMS services can do for you and your brand? Think about it like this:

Not only can video CMS services help you streamline the streaming process and easily store your content, but they can also provide viewer-orientated data that can clearly show viewer presence and specific video success.

CMS video streaming systems can compile data and recommend viewers with similarly categorized videos to keep them engaged with your content, building up views and increasing the length of video watch time.

There’s no good excuse why your brand shouldn’t be using a video CMS system to organize video content and grow more successful by using the resources that the right video CMS provider can offer. Don’t wait any longer.

Get started on selecting the best video CMS provider for your brand, today!

Five Best Video CMS Providers:

Selecting the best video CMS provider depends upon the size and goals of your brand. The five top companies on this list cater to a range of budgets and offer unique features; however, all CMS providers listed here assist users in managing, sharing, and storing their video content.

Take a close look at all of the features and benefits that each video CMS provider offers to clients and pick the one which best supports you.

Keep reading to discover the best CMS options currently available and what they can help your business achieve!

1. Streampal

Streampal is a professional video monetization platform that puts the power in the hands of the creator. Monetary decisions, creative control, and a whole range of other platform services, including website development and data analytics, are simple to achieve through Streampal’s site.

When it comes to CMS video streaming services, Streampal offers live streaming, on-demand video, and management services to help streamline all of your video content creation and publication. It’s easy for first-time video CMS users to comprehend but also provides a range of complex features to suit larger brands and businesses as well. With all of these resources, it’s easy to see why Streampal comes at the top of the list of best CMS video streaming providers.  

Service Details: Some key features of Streampal’s video CMS services include:

Full-package Provider: Streampal’s platform provides creators and brands with a full range of tools to support every aspect of the streaming and video content process, including marketing and customer engagement

Customizability: With Streampal, users can carefully and creatively build their brand image in order to more successfully reach a larger audience and create strong brand awareness

Low Cost, High Value: While Streampal’s services are offered at a low price, making them accessible to brands of all different backgrounds, they provide a full range of features that make it a high-value purchase

Pricing: Streampal offers three unique packages; Light, Growth, and Enterprise. Each package is suited for a wide range of different-sized brands, whether you’re just starting out your business or a well-established player.

The Light is only $55/month with a 5% one-time sales fee and includes all the tools, customizable designs, and bandwidth in the price. The Growth is a high-value package at $275/month and includes live-streaming, live chat, and a number of other valuable resources. Prices for the Enterprise are available upon request. The Enterprise package includes white-label mobile apps, TV OTT apps, API access, and other essential features.  

2. Livestream

Owned by major media player Vimeo, Livestream is another top video CMS platform that provides a range of useful features to users. It’s a great option for smaller brands looking to stay within a budget, as well as those who are looking to expand internationally. The Livestream video CMS platform is secure and offers built-in video monetization capabilities. However, there is occasionally a learning curve that comes with using the platform.

Service Details: Some key features of Livestream’s video CMS services include:

Affordable Pricing: Compared to some of the other options on this list of best video CMS services, Livestream offers accessible rates for clients

Engagement Tools: Instead of only offering video storage and organization features, Livestream has a range of other tools that are focused on building audience engagement

Brand Customization: Brand awareness helps customers immediately recognize —and connect to— your content and Livestream offers resources that making branding video easy

Pricing: Livestream offers three different pricing plans: the Premium, the Enterprise, and the OTT. The Premium plan is $75/month and includes live streaming and support for VOD services. The Enterprise includes a broader range of services but pricing is only available upon request. The OTT plan is more intended for building your own streaming platform and has two prices: the Starter price which charges $1 per follower and the Growth price, which begins at $500 a month.


Reliable, effective, and diverse, Wowza is a video-hosting platform that makes video CMS a no-brainer. The platform offers two distinct services —the Wowza Self-Streaming Engine and the Wowza Streaming Cloud. The Wowza Self-Streaming Engine is intended for smaller brands focusing on self-streaming while the Wowza Streaming Cloud focuses on targeting global audiences with content. It includes China in its reach, but does not offer good set-up for video monetization, which is an essential part of creating video content.

Service Details: Some key features of Wowza’s video CMS services include:

High Levels of Security: Wowza provides users with security features that help protect content at every level

Audience Engagement Features: Keeping your audience engaged is one of the most important parts when publishing video, and Wowza helps users stay interested with a variety of features

Data and Analytics: Wowza releases helpful user data and performance analytics that can help clients create more effective content

Pricing: The pricing for the Wowza Self-Streaming Engine and the Wowza Streaming Cloud services differ. The Wowza Streaming Cloud offers three monthly plans: the Basic, the One Month Event, and the Plus. The Basic is $99/month and includes 20 hours of streaming and 1000 viewing hours. The One Month Event is a $149 one-time purchase and includes 20 hours of streaming and 1000 viewing hours. The Plus is $499/month and includes 150 hours of streaming and 7,000 viewing hours.

The Wowza Steaming Engine also offers three distinct plans: the Basic, the One Month Event, and the Enterprise. The Basic is $125/month but includes fees for additional assistance. The One Month Event starts at $245/month and also includes additional fees for extra support. The Enterprise lists no prices —instead, clients should contact Wowza directly for quotes.

4. IBM Video Streaming

More commonly known as UStream, IBM Video Streaming provides satisfying and easy-to-manage CMS video streaming services. It is a highly popular option that is a great choice for first-time businesses; however, compared to some of the other more highly-ranked options, IBM does not offer the same bang for your buck. The price of services is not always equal to the features provided. Regardless, the format of the platform might suit brands searching for a simplified option.

Service Details: Some key features of IBM’s video CMS services include:

Strong Emphasis on Customer Support: IBM provides effective support to customers and creative problem-solving to solutions

Video Management Tools: With playlist options and flexible video distribution, IBM offers clients a wide range of options when it comes to video management assistance

Hosting Potential: Both live and video-on-demanding hosting is possible with IBM, able to suit a wide range of clients’ needs

Pricing: IBM offers four unique pricing plans — Silver, Gold, Platinum, and a Custom package. Silver is $99/month and includes 100 viewer hours, 5 channels, and 1 TB of storage. Gold is $499/month and includes 2,000 viewer hours, 10 channels, and 2 TB of storage. Platinum is $999/month and includes 5,000 viewer hours, 20 channels, and 5 TB of storage. For Custom packages, contact IBM for estimated rates.

5. Brightcove

For nearly two decades, Brightcove was provided customers with reliable content services, including video CMS. They split their focus into three distinct sectors: monetization, marketing, and communication. Each CMS video streaming plan is a custom offer uniquely tailored to suit each client, which promotes creative solutions to individual problems but does not create transparency when it comes to viewing rates.

Service Details: Some key features of Brightcove’s video CMS services include:

Global Video Delivery: With the exception of China, Brightcove has a focus on providing excellent access to content internationally

Industry Experience: Boasting over 20 years in the industry, Brightcove offers brands reliable performance and verified professionalism

Group Collaboration: The CRM integration provided makes productive teamwork easy to achieve

Pricing: Each video CMS plan is priced differently; however, it is generally higher on the list in terms of average rates.


The right tools can make all of the difference when it comes to successfully creating online video content. Only the best video CMS service can help effectively manage, organize, and market your content in order to expand your business and satisfy your audience. Best of all, many of these CMS video streaming providers offer in-platform features that make it easy to turn away from the never-ending YouTube demonetization issues and let brands take control of income earned from their videos.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to work with a professional video CMS platform to simplify the management of your video content and avoid the hassle of attempting it all on your own. By partnering with a highly qualified video publishing service —like Streampal— you and your brand can get started on reaching a higher number of viewers and expanding your company’s potential.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get started today with Streampal and enjoy unbeatable rates, countless tools and features, and the best video CMS platform available for brands and businesses!

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