The Best Video Alternative To Patreon

Patreon has grown tremendously in the last few years. Although it's simple way to get started it's not always the best alternative for video creators in the long run.
The Best Video Alternative To Patreon

Patreon has a reputation for being one of the better, big platforms available for creators to use — especially because they use subscriptions that helps give creators better control over their finances.

However, Patreon is by no means perfect.

It’s a great starting place for content creators to build up an audience base and stop relying on other media platforms, such as YouTube, which can suddenly demonetize your content. But after a while, even the freedom that publishing Patreon videos offers can appear restricting.

That’s why it’s essential to search for Patreon video alternatives, especially if you’re a media-based content creator looking to truly build your brand. There’s no need to limit your content, financially or creatively.

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to leave Patreon in the dust and move to greener pastures, rest assured —Streampal offers creators of all kinds an easy solution to selling their videos online.

Streampal — The Best Patreon Video Alternative

Streampal provides a simple solution to all content creators feeling growing pains when publishing on Patreon.

Whether you’re a fitness expert or an academic educator (or anywhere in-between), Streampal provides all of the resources necessary to ensure your brand’s success. You’ll quickly find that publishing Patreon videos just isn’t enough to expand your business.

Compared to Patreon, Streampal provides more than just the basic video function —Streampal also offers live-streaming, marketing features, customization, and flexible pricing plans.

Whatever, content you publish, Streampal has the resources to support you and your businesses’ growth.

Still not sure if a Patreon video alternative is right for you? Don’t worry —we’ll show you all of the reasons why Streampal is the perfect fit for your brand, next!

Are Patreon Video Alternatives For Me?


All content creators publishing videos will benefit from leaving Patreon behind and building up their own platform.

So, take a moment and ask yourself, are you:

  • committed to the growth of your company and your financial success
  • ready to escape restrictive platforms, such as YouTube (learn why you should leave as soon as possible, here)
  • creating your own unique content and are looking for further ways to monetize videos
  • currently using Patreon but unsatisfied with the format of the platform

Don’t let yourself and your brand be limited by relying off of Patreon — making the transition to a Patreon video alternative can be painless and simple to complete.

In fact, Streampal makes it ridiculously easy to develop a unique publishing site, upload your videos, stream content, and build your audience base.

Not sure what can Streampal offer you that Patreon can’t? Read on and discover everything you’re missing out on if you settle for releasing videos on Patreon.

Build Your Independent Brand

Making your content distinct and establishing brand authority is essential to building a strong, successful business. Especially videos.

Content creators need to put in effort to develop unique content and fight against competitors with similar style, in order to attract new fans and keep the interest of your current ones.

If you’re constantly publishing your content on other platforms, you have to follow the guidelines and regulations set by the company. You also have to publish your work on a platform that doesn’t allow for many creative design changes in format and structure.

On Patreon, it’s possible to add a few customizations to your landing page —but there’s no escaping the fact that it is a Patreon-based landing page. Any traces of your brand’s own individuality are lost amidst the muddle of Patreon design.

This causes your page to blend in with all of the other Patreon pages and makes it challenging to create a unique brand image.

However, with Streampal, customization is simple — no complex background in website development and design needed.

Streampal offers various structures that can be easily changed and reformatted to build a visually appealing landing page that is unique to your brand. It combines the simplicity of templates with a whole suite of creative possibilities to play around with.

Streampal also provides themes specifically designed to optimize SEO for your brand. Search engine ranking can determine how new customers discover your page and the speed of your brand’s growth — an essential factor that all business, not only content creators, should focus on when developing a personal webpage.

Create A Community

If customers are invested in your content — and your success — then there’s nowhere for your business to go but up.

Yes, Patreon helps support content creators —but it’s time to move beyond the basics and focus on using your community of loyal fans to monetize your videos.

The most important way to create a tight-knit community online is to offer a range of content and special benefits to increase engagement and communication.

Streampal helps creators offer a wide range of interactive resources on their streaming page, including:

  • live streams and live stream commenting
  • tier-based membership
  • video commenting
  • forums
  • member profiles
  • and more!

All of these different things combine to elevate your brand from just another video page, to a highly invested community of followers. By building your own private page and offering audience member chances to interact directly with your brand, your content will feel more inclusive —and memorable!

Putting up Patreon videos might be a great fit for the moment, but it doesn’t suit long term growth well. Transform your current fans into lifelong followers by using all of the inclusive features Streampal provides.

Easily Publish Your Videos — and Live Streams

The format of Patreon’s video sharing feed isn’t optimized to show off your top content —which can harm you when you’re trying to promote your high-quality material.

Patreon’s structure is more similar to social media, allowing users to chronologically scroll through the feed. It also can’t be changed. With Streampal, you can easily customize your site to highlight your best work, feature new content, and draw in new customers.

Patreon’s current format is especially worrying for the first-time fans visiting your page, since it’s impossible to highlight your best-performing videos. If you’re looking to quickly grab the attention of your audience, Patreon just isn’t the place to do it.

Streampal makes a great Patreon video alternative because it’s simple to organize your content — in any way that you want!

Highlighting your best content makes your brand appear more professional and offers up the best image of your business.

But what about live-streaming?

Great question!

Live streaming is an ever-expanding industry that is only going to get bigger and bigger as time passes. In fact, live streaming is projected to expand by 21% every year.

All content creators should take advantage of live streaming to build their brand and gain a higher revenue.

Live-streaming offers users a chance to feel more connected to their favorite content creators. It’s a different experience than compared to just simply uploading videos and letting users watch them on their own time — one that you can truly monetize for your business.  

Currently, the format of Patreon’s platform does not allow for direct live-streaming — instead, you’d have to provide a link to your live stream published through a different platform. Sounds messy, right?

That’s why it’s best to move away from Patreon and towards a Patreon video alternative such as Streampal, which handles everything all on the same, easy-to-use platform.

Streaming on Streampal is easy — all you need to do is prepare your recording materials and we’ll do the rest. With live event countdowns, auto recording, and live chatting features, you’ll be able to build up anticipation and interact with your audience like never before!

Streampal also gives users the option to offer live-streams as part of your subscription or pay-per-view —something that can’t be done when streaming Patreon videos.

So, all in all, if you’re looking for the best way to upload content and make live streams, it’s better to search for a Patreon video alternative.

Promote Your Published Content

Now that you’ve got the content and the platform, the next best thing to do for your business is marketing. In order to make money from your videos, you need to have viewers. Even if you are making really interesting, life-changing content, it won’t matter if nobody can see it.

Patreon is a great application to use if you have a well-established fan base —however, it’s not so helpful for promoting content and building your business. It’s focus lies on monetization, not growth.

And while monetizing your videos online is great, it shouldn’t be your only focus as a brand owner.

Connecting with new clients and constantly expanding your brand is essential for your business’s improvement — and also for earning you revenue. Streampal recognizes that. That’s why all users have access to data and analytics to help create more effective marketing campaigns and seek out additional viewers.

More specifically, Streampal can offer:

  • video analytics
  • number of views
  • minutes watched
  • average percentages
  • and other video marketing and analytic tools

…all of which can help you optimize your content to better reach your audience. By narrowing down the data about your specific reach, you can determine how to keep your customers engaged at all times.

Expand to Apps

Even small businesses need apps. That’s because as time goes on, people are relying more on their phones —on less on desktops— to consume media.


Cellphones are convenient and easily accessible, letting viewers watch their favorite content wherever they are during their busy day. And the usage is only projected to increase more every year.

What’s more, traditional TV and other cable providers no longer interest the average consumer —which can be seen in the rapid growth of instant-access streaming companies like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon.

That’s why even small brands need to invest in developing a standalone mobile app. Reaching out to your customers on desktop formatted pages is no longer enough. By creating your own mobile app, you’ll be able to cater towards your fans, regardless of location.

Streampal partners with content creators to help build the perfect app for your business and audience base.

Invest in the future of your brand by beating the crowd to app developing and making your content from your competitors.

Currently, Patreon has a mobile app available that lets your audience view your content —but does nothing to make your content distinct.

In fact, it’s easy for your content to get lost in the timeline formatting of Patreon.

With Streampal, however, you can easily lease an app from us that is fully developed and customized exactly to suit you. With your new mobile app, you can reach your fans anytime and anywhere - building up your community and strengthening your brand.


You’ve already gotten all there is to get out of using Patreon —so it’s past time to move on!

Patreon might have been a good starting block for your business at some point, but the fact of the matter is, it’s simply not the best —and you should always want the best for your business.

Enjoy all of the freedom and creativity that Streampal offers and focus on creating the best new content for your brand instead. It’s easy to build up your audience base and improve your revenue without taking away time from other aspects of your business.

After all, Streampal is more than just a publishing platform. Establish brand authority, improve your digital marketing campaigns, engage with your online community —and did we mention, earn money from your videos— all with the help of Streampal!

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