Top 8 live streaming trends you should know about 2021

Live streaming is just getting bigger and bigger. These are the top 8 trends in 2021 that you should know about.
Top 8 live streaming trends you should know about 2021

Live streaming is already enormously popular, and it’s only going to increase in the future.

For many content creators, live streaming is a valuable resource to use in order to develop a closer community with your audience and diversify your content. Live streaming can also be used to help better sell videos online and monetize your content. If you haven’t already transitioned to live streaming — at least a portion of your content — 2021 is the time to start.

Live streaming became standard practice in a variety of different industries due to the effects and constraints of Covid-19. Going forward, this precedent isn’t just going to slip away — live streaming is here to stay. In fact, live streaming is projected to continue increasing.

Learn all about the upcoming live streaming trends to know for 2021 and be sure to incorporate more live streaming into your brand this year.

If anything, this list of top trends will prove to you just exactly how useful and relevant live streaming will be for making your business —and any video-based business— successful.

1. Live streaming is here, and it isn’t going anywhere.

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in the ban of large gatherings and caused panic in a number of different industries that rely on in-person events.

Concerts, award shows, and countless other forms of entertainment had to radically shift how they delivered their content to fans. For many, the best way to host a successful event was through live streaming.

Want to watch your favorite performer but they’re not making a stop in your area during their next world tour? Live streaming events can allow you to experience it real-time and enjoy every exciting moment.

2020 saw the start of internationally-accessible live streaming events that could effectively reach fans, anywhere in the world. Consumers all across the globe got adjusted to live streaming platforms and their many benefits, such as instant access and ease of use.

Even once in-person events return, live streaming events is here to stay.

That’s because live streaming allows customers to view events they otherwise would not be able to see due to other constraints.

All different types of industries will begin to infuse more and more live streaming events into their business strategies as the year progresses.

2. Increase In Live Stream Quality

As live streaming becomes more mainstream, the competition among creators will be fierce.

Successful live streaming events will need to be high-quality and capable of standing out from the crowd, in order to attract an audience. For content creators looking to monetize their videos, it will be essential to produce live stream with professional level standards.

This year, just simply releasing a live stream isn’t going to be enough to draw a crowd —and earn money. Instead, live streamers will have to work harder than ever to produce well-made material that interests customers.

2021 is a great time to invest in quality streaming tools, which you can read more about here. A simple streaming set-up won’t cut it in 2021. Setting aside a budget for audio and visual tools will help separate your content from your competition.

3. Authentic Experiences

Live streaming is all about easy access and emotional connection. Unlike scheduled, traditionally published video uploads, live streaming gives viewers the chance to feel closer to their favorite brands.

Live streaming on platforms such as Streampal allows creators and fans to interact directly using live stream chatting features. These unique chatting capabilities allow for a greater level of communication between both fans and content creators alike.

That’s why offering genuine content will be one of top live streaming trends in 2021. All content creators hoping to monetize their content and sell videos online should focus on making authenticity one of their top priorities.

Some great tips for streamers looking to create authentic videos include increasing audience interaction, hosting breakout discussions, adding in live streaming polls, and more.

As more and more live streamers begin to regularly publish content, establishing a strong emotional connectional with fans will ensure that your fans remain loyal to your material.

4. LinkedIn Live Streaming

LinkedIn —the social media platform most known for headhunting, networking, and job applications— will use live streaming in 2021 as an important resources for businesses and brands alike.

The way we view live streaming will radically change in the future, as more and more usages for the platform are discovered. Instead of simply using live streaming to upload a concert or a sports event, businesses can use live streaming to enhance their brand.

Brands and professionals using LinkedIn’s streaming feature, LinkedIn Live, can then attract a greater number of like-minded people to their companies. That’s because live streaming videos is an engaging method of interacting with an audience, even in a professional context.  

Therefore, LinkedIn LIVE will become an increasingly relevant feature. But it won’t stop there.

If LinkedIn LIVE can truly prove to be successful following its 2021 BETA testing, then the power that live streaming can have on all companies, not just content creators, bloggers, or media personalties, will be proven.

5. Targeted Niche Content

In 2021, live streaming will expand to new niches. It’s only inevitable that your own specific niche content will eventually be included as well.

Whether you’re a fitness master or a pro-gamer, live streaming will become vital to keeping your business successful.

Since live streaming is still a growing industry, 2021 is the perfect time to make the jump and begin streaming your own content.

More and more people are beginning to change their views about what topics are enjoyable —or just downright acceptable— to live stream. Streamers of all different backgrounds can upload high-value videos and enjoy expanding their brand.

Don’t worry about if there’s a place for your material or not —there is, and platforms such as Streampal are here to help you easily stream and monetize your online videos.

6. Big Businesses and Live Streaming

As live streaming grows, more big businesses will try to jump on the trend. 2021 will see more businesses, such as Amazon, attempt to find ways to monetize live streaming even more.

As live streaming becomes more common, more methods of video monetization will be created, such as affiliate marketing or product placement. Amazon offers an easy program called Amazon Associates that allows streamers to earn revenue through affiliate marketing.

Amazon also offers options for streamers to live stream directly on their new platform, Amazon Live.

Amazon Live in particular will help drive this change. That’s because the new platform can easily link together live streamers with affiliate brands. Streamers can directly connect viewers to products and profit from any purchases made.

As businesses realize that live streaming is an effective method of marketing goods to customers, more and more content creators will be able to earn an even higher income from their videos.

Big businesses joining the live streaming trend may seem exciting, but streamers should be cautious of jumping on the new platforms being created. Content creators can earn even more money from their videos if they turn away from big streaming platforms, such as Twitch, and develop their own platforms using Streampal.

Streampal gives streamers the ability to easily choose their own forms of monetization, rather than follow the constraints set by large businesses. As shown by YouTube’s demonetization issues, relying on platforms to support your business can be unpredictable.

By developing your own streaming platform, you can use the resources of big businesses as a supplement, rather than as your entire business platform.

7. Audience Engagement Tools and Features

Live streaming is a platform with untapped potential. As live streaming becomes more and more common, more resources will be created to bring the viewers closer to the video streamers.

Currently, audience interaction is mainly limited to live stream commenting. Viewers can post comments and have discussion in real-time and even have the chance for their writing to be noticed by the creator themselves.

More features, such as live streaming polls, already exist on streaming platforms such as Facebook. Polls can be a creative way to interact with your audience during a live stream and create more of a connection with your viewers.

However, there are so many other ways that live streaming can be used in order to create a more interactive experience for audience members —and in 2021, we are bound to start seeing more options available!

8. SEO and Live Streaming Discoverability

SEO is a buzzword tossed around constantly when discussing digital marketing campaigns and attracting a wider audience.

However, currently the connection between SEO keywords and live streaming is not prioritized.

Going forward, that’s going to change —for sure.

In 2021, all live streamers will need to be mindful of how SEO can impact —and improve—their business. That’s because as more streamers begin live streaming their own videos, the market will become saturated.

Now, more than ever, it is essential that streamers make their own content easy to find for their audience.

Streamers should carefully craft their own SEO campaigns and pay special attention to the trends in their own niche markets. Getting high ranking on search engines such as Google is a guaranteed way to remain relevant, get a larger audience, and earn more revenue from videos.

Live Stream with Streampal

If you haven’t developed a live streaming platform for your brand, this is the year to start.

2021 is going to bring about a range of different live streaming trends that successful content creators need to be mindful of in order to ensure the continued success of their businesses.

Streampal makes live streaming easy —and profitable— for content creators of all different backgrounds. Whether you’re a video game commentator giving real-time gameplay run-throughs or a coding professor offering live lessons about Python, Streampal is perfect for you.

Streamers can upload their own videos, decide which transactional models to use in order to earn a profit, and easily customize all aspects of their own platform. Best of all, it puts all of the creative control in the hands of the content creator.

Don’t worry about sudden demonetization or restrictive guidelines again —join Streampal and take advantage of all of the top live streaming trends in 2021!


The methods in which people consume media are changing —with streaming at the forefront. All across the world, viewers and businesses are recognizing the value of live streaming.

As nice markets expand and as more big businesses start to develop their own live streaming services, it’s practically guaranteed that the live streaming industry will grow bigger and bigger every year.

For current streamers, now is the time to invest in high-quality equipment and carving out a niche market. For first-time streamers, it’s best to dive in head first to the lucrative world of live streaming.

2021 will be an exciting year for live streaming —so don’t miss out on all of the opportunities the new year will bring. Get your own live streaming platform started with Streampal and join in all of the new trends!

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