How to Build and Launch Your Own Live Streaming Website In 2021.

Live streaming is booming and there are no signs of it slowing down. We'll discuss how to get started monzetizing your live streams and what to keep in mind before going live.
How to Build and Launch Your Own Live Streaming Website In 2021.

Why you should launch your own live streaming website (the time is now!)

Live streaming has become all the rage in recent years. What started out as a niche segment, especially in eSports and gaming, broke out to the mainstream following Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch for $1 billion.

What makes live streaming so intriguing is that it creates a more personal connection between content creators and viewers and adds undeniable engagement.

An engagement that conventionally uploaded videos could only hope to create. What’s more, the immediate accessibility and convenience make live streaming addictively easy for users to enjoy.

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Many content creators are realizing that live streaming is the future and are jumping on the trend of releasing their own live streaming content.

But what if you could do more than just upload livestreams?

What if you could build and launch your own live streaming website?

Building your own live streaming website in 2021 can turn into a lucrative business opportunity for you or your brand.

While popular live streaming sites such as Twitch and Livestream offer creators an established platform to upload on, the rules of usage foreach platform can limit the potential of creators to build and expand their business.

As proved by other conventional media platforms like YouTube, company policies and a focus on advertisers — rather than on creators — can be significantly detrimental to the freedom and revenue of content creators.

Additionally, with the impact of Covid-19 still affecting today’s society and the ways that creators can support themselves, taking agency over your own content and moving online has never been more important. Establishing a method of receiving secure income in an era of uncertainty is critical for media-based businesses, such as content creators.

Don’t wait for things to go back to normal in order to support your business; instead, be active and create your own future for your business in a post-COVID world.

That’s why building your own live streaming website is essential. 

Take control of the future of your business by making your brand independent from the whims of current live streaming platforms.

By creating your own live streaming website, you can:

•  Work on your own terms

•  Build a long-lasting platform for your brand

•  Avoid relying on revenue from advertisers

•  Create a predictable revenue stream 

Therefore, it’s important to find an effective, independent way to stream your live content.

Luckily, there are a variety of options available for content creators interested in launching their own live streaming website in 2021.

After all, there’s no better time than now to take advantage of the benefits that launching your own life streaming website has to offer! 

Create your own live streaming website

There’s no reason why any content creator should not create their own live streaming website. Building your own live streaming website doesn’t mean that you have to stop posting on major media platforms, such as YouTube — what it does mean is that you can stop your dependency on these platforms as a source of revenue and instead, use them as marketing for your brand.

And now, creating your own live streaming website is easy. By following all of the steps broken down in this guide, you can launch your own live streaming website in no-time!

Build a platform

The platform that you publish your live streaming content on is one of the most important choices to make when launching your brand’s live streaming services.

The three available options are:

a.  Build it on your own

b.  Hire a professional

c.  Use a live streaming service like Streampal

Carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option and decide which suits your brand best.

Attempting to DIY can take time and require a background in coding, while hiring a professional developer can cost a lot of money and take some time to create. We have written about doing it yourself or hiring a coder more in-depth here.

Therefore, the best (and often simplest) option for most content creators is to use a previously established live-streaming service.

How to get started with Streampal

Sign-up for a free trail

You can never be quite sure how a service works before signing up. That’s why we offer our customers a 14-day free trail to test the waters and a chance to get started. You will get full access to all features during your trial period. If Streampal is not the right fit, you can look at other options and you won’t have spent a penny.

Design your own service

Make your website stand out from the crowd by putting effort and creativity into designing your services.

Streampal offers a variety of easy-to-use customizable functions that allow users to truly personalize their streaming site. 

Pick a template and then take your time swapping color schemes, header images, video thumbnails, and a number of other features.

By designing a distinct streaming website for your content using Streampal’s easy to implement template designs, you can build up your brand image and make the perfect website to suit your niche.

Upload your previous livestreams

If you’ve already gotten started on live streaming on other platforms, great!Having a diverse amount of content is clever way of attracting new viewers and giving credibility to your brand. 

Consumers are more likely to trust — and financially support— creators with well-documented, high-quality content about the subjects they enjoy.

So, don’t just let your prior content sit around and waste space —upload it immediately in order to monetize your videos. The exact amount of content you already have in your digital library is not important. Even if you only have a few hours of content to upload, having it available and visible for viewers creates social proof.

Choose your business model

Once you’ve decided upon a platform, the next step is to monetize your platform by choosing your business model.

Live streamed content generally uses one of two business models. Transactional video on demand model (TVOD) also referred to as pay-per-view (PPV) in live streaming. Then there is also subscription video on demand model (SVOD).

Both models offer their own unique advantages and disadvantages. However, generally the subscription video on demand is a more attractive offer to potential customers.

Countless other video companies use the SVOD method, such as Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+, all with positive results. With a SVOD you can also…  

Create free trail offer to attract users

There’s a little-known secret to converting potential viewers into loyal customers and it starts with free things.

A free trial offer is a risk-free way for curious consumers to sample your content.

They don’t have to needlessly worry about paying for services that might not suit their tastes. They can browse through your streams without stressing about if purchasing access was worth it or not 

You don’t have to give away a whole month of content for free. In fact, a 7-to-14-day trail is the perfect amount of time for trial customers to get to know your brand decide they want to buy into a subscription of their own 

Go live

Now that your streaming site is up and running, don’t hesitate to start filming your live content. The sooner you begin live streaming, the sooner you’ll be able to earn revenue and expand your audience base. With the help of Streampal, it’s easier than ever to upload content and attract new customers.

If it’s your first-time live streaming —or if you’re simply looking to improve on the collection of streaming equipment you already own— then be sure to have all of the essential tools for live streaming prepared. Read our guide below for more details on all of the audio and video accessories necessary in order to make great, engaging live streams that will satisfy your audience base.

Essential Tools of the Trade for Live Streamers

After establishing your own successful live streaming platform, it is essential to gather all of the essential resources to make your content. The tools necessary to make high-quality live streaming content differ from those used to create conventionally uploaded videos. Due to the fact that live videos cannot be edited and enhanced during the middle of a stream, the audio and visual quality has to be high. Audience members will expect livestreams to appear professional.

If you’re not sure where to begin with assembling the essential live-streaming equipment, look no further! Our comprehensive list ensures that even first-time live streamers will be well-covered. 

All live streamers should have the following equipment:

•  Camera Connected to the Internet

•  Tripod

•  Open Broadcast Software

•  Internet Connection

•  Power Bank

•  Audio Mic

Let’s take a closer look.

Camera with Internet Connection 

The most important aspect of live streaming is letting your fan base have immediate access to your material —and that means that you need a camera capable of immediately uploading content to the internet.Therefore, you most likely won’t be using your DSLR camera for this (although with some high-end cameras and additional equipment, it’s possible) — instead, smartphones, a webcam built into your computer, or an external webcam, are all more useful camera options.

Tripod or Stabilizer:

For non-live content, shaky footage can be edited or deleted from the final product. With live streaming, everything is immediately accessible —that’s why investing in a tripod is a great idea for all aspiring live streamers.

Consider selecting what works best for you from the following:

•  Traditional Tripod

•  Small Tripod

•  Stabilizer

Open Broadcast Software:

Maximize your streaming potential by investing in open broadcast software, which lets you steam on a variety of platforms all at the same time! It’s important to reach all potential audience members —wherever they are in the globe and whatever platform they’re using— and open broadcast software helps you accomplish just that!

Learn more about downloading and accessing open broadcast software, here!

(Good) Internet Connection:

A weak internet connection can ruin an otherwise high-quality live stream with disruptions and interruptions. Don’t let such a small issue become a big problem for your live streaming content. Instead, invest in a strong connection or have enough mobile data available to stream confidently and comfortably.

Power bank or Chargers:

Streaming on location or relying on battery-run devices can require a lot of streaming power, which can quickly drain your computers and cameras. Investing in a power bank —or multiple power banks— is a smart way to stay prepared for any unforeseen situation that might occur during broadcasting. It’s always better to have the resources to handle any issue than to wait until a problem occurs! 

Choose from some of the best power banks of 2021, here!

High-Quality Audio Mic: 

Audio is right next to video in terms of importance when live streaming. Bad audio can tank an otherwise enjoyable live stream and good audio can ensure that if anything does happen to the video connection, the audience will still be able to connect with audio.

Cameras and computers come with built-in mics; however, it is a smart idea to upgrade to a better-quality microphone for live streaming. A 3.5mm lavalier mic is a good entry-level option. A condenser microphone is a step-up that significantly improves clarity. If you’re really looking to invest in your live streaming, then purchasing an XLR microphone will go a long way to improving the quality of your content.


Choose a streaming platform that you can trust — like Streampal— and get started today on building and launching your own live streaming website in 2021. There’s no better time than now to cut your brand free from the confines of big streaming platforms, such as Twitch or YouTube, that put value on advertisers and not on your content.

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